Representative Engagements

Some of the representative engagements Jim has handled are:

  • AAF-McQuay, Inc. v. Willis, 308 Ga. App. 203 (2011).  This was a partnership dispute involving breach of fiduciary duties.  Jim represented the plaintiff, Larry Willis, and obtained a favorable ruling for his client on summary judgment and on appeal.  Two weeks before trial, the case settled for a confidential amount.
  • Blitch v. Peoples Bank, 246 Ga. App. 453 (2000).  This case concerned Georgia’s dissenters’ rights statute.  Jim’s client challenged a judicial appraisal of stock on grounds that discounts to the value of the stock were not appropriate.  On appeal, the Court of Appeals ruled that the trial court erred by applying discounts and that discounts do not apply under Georgia’s dissenter’s rights statute.  This was a landmark ruling in this area, and it is still the law in Georgia.
  • Sauder Manufacturing Co. v. RBC Bank, Superior Court of Jackson County, Civil Action No. X10CV0580.  This case involved UCC claims by Jim’s client against a bank.
  • Grammens v. Dollar, 287 Ga. 618 (2010) rev’g Dollar v. Grammens, 294 Ga. App. 888 (2009).  This matter involved negligence claims against a teacher for injuries a student suffered to his eye in a science experiment.  Jim represented the plaintiff, David Dollar.  The Supreme Court of Georgia, in a 4-3 decision, reversed the Court of Appeals and held that the teacher had official immunity.
  • Highsmith v. Tractor Trailer Service, United States District Court, Northern District of Georgia, Gainesville Division, Civil Action No. 2:04-cv-164.  Jim was lead counsel at trial, representing the defendants.  This case involved personal injury claims by the plaintiffs from an automobile wreck that involved a truck.  The jury returned a very favorable verdict in favor of Jim’s clients.
  • Tura v. The White Oak Group, Inc., 2008 WL 4280363, United States District Court, Northern District of Georgia, Atlanta Division, September 15, 2008.  Jim represented the plaintiff in this suit who asserted claims for wrongful termination based on breach of contract.  The trial court awarded summary judgment in favor of Jim’s client for the full amount of damages owed under the contract.
  • Heritage Golf Atlanta National LLC v. Bode, State Court of Fulton County, Civil Action No. 06VS098295H (2008).  This case went to a jury trial and involved claims between a country club and one of its members.  Jim represented the club as lead counsel at trial, where he was successful in having all of the tort claims dismissed and then obtained a favorable verdict for his client on the remaining contract claim.
  • Estate of Hill v. ConAgra Poultry Company, 1997 WL 538887, United States District Court, Northern District of Georgia, Rome Division.  This order involved a Daubert challenge that ConAgra Poultry made to an expert witness for the plaintiffs whose damage model was based on multiple regression analysis.  Jim was very involved in the expert witness issues on behalf of his client, ConAgra Poultry.
  • In re Estate of Sims, 259 Ga. App. 786 (2003).  This case involved an issue over an executor’s commission in probate litigation.