• “Jim Blitch is thorough and insightful in his work.  I’ve found him to be extremely responsive, well-attuned to his client’s interests.” – Phil Bontrager, CEO & President, Sauder Manufacturing Co.
  • “We used Jim Blitch as a mediator in a case with a number of intricate facts and complex legal issues.  He challenged both sides to fully evaluate their risks and provided excellent legal analysis.  His skill and persistence were instrumental in helping us resolve the case.” – Richard Griggs, Partner, Conley Griggs & Partin LLP, Atlanta, Georgia
  • “In a complex business litigation case that took several years, I never once doubted the trust I placed in Jim Blitch.  He always thought strategically, and at the same time he understood all the details of the case.  I cannot say enough about my respect for him as an attorney and an individual.” – Larry R. Willis, Alpharetta, Georgia
  • Jim went above and beyond to resolve the case.  When I prevailed, I looked back and truly appreciated Jim’s analytical thought process and strategy.  Jim was always thinking 10 steps ahead.  In the end these steps all came together like a complicated puzzle. – Jim Maurer
  • Jim Blitch is an outstanding lawyer and as fine a human being as I’ve come across in my 30 years in business. His dogged preparation, deep understanding of the key issues and highly skilled courtroom tactics made all the difference in winning our case. I recommend Jim without hesitation to anyone who needs a great business lawyer. – Brian Corbett, Atlanta, Georgia